(Drawing of Sean Mills by Art Rosenbaum)

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Born in Denville, New Jersey, Sean Mills attended the University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art where he received the HOPE Scholarship. BASELINE SPORTSMEDIA a premier design company first hired Mills, giving him the opportunity to work with many high profile brands. While working at BASELINE, He was recruited by GALATIN DESIGNS located in Madison, Georgia where he designed silk products realized in Cuomo, Italy. He has worked in a variety of new media projects including videography, animation, and interactive design.

In 2008, he launched a collaboration called AITU MEDIA. Their documentary projects focused on the flash urbanization of Beijing, China. In 2010, their film focusing on the emerging art market of Beijing screened in Australia.

Mills has pursued a wide variety of media experiences outsides of print and web design including photography at the 2008 World Series, collaborating with the Physics Department of the The University of Georgia, and documenting unique art projects for both the Mercury Artworks Gallery and Lyndon House Art Gallery.

In March of 2009, he presented a paper, ”An Origin Story for Modern Tooled Education” at Wake Forest University’s National Creativity Symposium and in 2012 he created the logo for the HOPE Conference in Manhattan, and presented his lecture, “An Aesthetic Critque of Fictional Media.”

His writing is featured in the online Eames Encyclopedia, and currently writes about art in Atlanta for CBS LOCAL and the Examiner.com.