Sean Mills

is an artist

Born in Denville, NJ, raised in Marietta, GA, learned at The Lamar Dodd School of Art.







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Piazza Povera is an allusion to the art movement, with the use of cheap, freely available materials in the employ of fine art. Cardboard boxes, like those used for carrying a pizza, provide a firm but flexible surface. They are lightweight and can be hung as easily as a flier on a bulletin board. The oil paint, however, is applied in layers and glazes over many hours and days.

We look for frames to give us the clue that an image is Art and not a simple decoration or cheap advertisement. The canvas and frame tell us in that we should respect it even if we don't get it.

This series of paintings skips these signifiers and emphasizes the impulse of creation. There is the immediacy of materials at hand, but also the content that echoes this thematically. There are portraits which portray a snapshot of the model. There are also moments which are a flash instant from a longer story. Formally, there is also a tension between gestural marks and a painstaking process. Piazza Povera as an ongoing series that celebrates impulse. This is not done through chaotic frenzy, but an adoring glimpse.